NBC Attacked Ann Curry’s Style? — Good Work

If fashion didn’t matter, then a lot of people would be out of work. Hear that Ann Curry? The former Today Show anchor had some key quotes exposed from her recent Ladies Home Journal interview, which apparently shed light on her squabbles with NBC. Curry said her bosses wanted her to die her grey hair, and despite their insistence that she wear heels, she wore “clogs and flats” instead. Also — she refuses to die her hair because she wants to “honor [her] family by looking exactly as they did as they got older.” Sigh . . . where do I begin? Before feminists everywhere wave their disapproving fingers in NBC’s face, I’d encourage them to wave it in Ann’s face instead. Workplace fashion exists everywhere, not just on The Today Show. And clogs are gross. If your going to be on a big time show — then dress like a big-timer.

2 thoughts on “NBC Attacked Ann Curry’s Style? — Good Work”

  1. I get the clogs – its unprofessional and most workplaces wouldn’t allow them.  I do commend her for not dying her hair.  It would be nice to see that tv personalities are human.

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