Dear Monica Lewinsky — Please Go Away

I suppose if the only notable thing you did with your life was blow the President, you might cash in on it for eternity. Though I don’t know much about Monica Lewinsky enough to proclaim that’s her only achievement, I sure do know that’s what she wants the public to think, considering she endlessly capitalizes on it. In case you don’t know what I”m referring to, Lewinsky is rumored to have signed a book deal for $12 million to reveal never-before-heard details about her relationship with the former President. And according to “sources close to Lewinsky,” she’s doing this because her reputation is ruined for eternity and she’d like to repair it. You know . . . because reminding the public via a memoir is certainly the way to erase your tarnished image in people’s minds. Watch a vintage interview with the woman who loves to talk about herself below.

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