Howard Stern on Dr. Phil’s Dina Lohan Interview: “He’s a Bloated Bully”

“Dr. Phil is such an asshole. It’s like he’s beating up a retarded person. How are you helping that woman by lecturing her on television and telling her what a moron she is? He’s such a fucking bull shit artist. If she had any brains, she would have said, “Are you a real doctor?” At least Dr. Drew is good at pretending he cares. Dr. Phil doesn’t even pretend he cares. He’s just a fucking asshole. It’s not like he’s exposing Watergate. He took a woman who is obviously disturbed . . . . You fuck. Let’s take every disturbed person and you can sit there with that smug, fat, bloated look on your face. He’s a bully. He’s beating up on a woman who’s a complete mess. He’s like a parent who just lectures you to death. I can’t stand that prick. I want him to come on here so I can yell at him. Let’s see him stand up to me.” Howard Stern’s hilarious and appropriate on “Dr.” Phil.

One thought on “Howard Stern on Dr. Phil’s Dina Lohan Interview: “He’s a Bloated Bully””

  1. I can honestly say this, I have hated Howard Stern up until now. He is now my hero because I think Dr. Phil hurts more than he helps. I think howard is being too nice though. I would really like Howard Stern to point out how dr. phil really hurts people. He needs to go deeper and not just use Dina Lohan as the only example. There are plenty of guests over the last decade that dr. phil annihilated that didn’t deserve it. Sometimes I literally cry watching what Dr. Phil does to people. Please Howard, please address this. It seems like you are the only one with guts to stand up to this guy.

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