X Factor Premieres — Britney Spears Kills

I held my breath for this premiere. I hoped against hope that Britney Spears could hack it, because I desperately want to see her succeed. And she sure delivered. She was more likable than ever, giving her honest opinion while clearly empathizing with the contestants, especially while rejecting them. She’s obviously a star, but what makes her unique is that she doesn’t seem to know it. She seems shy and reserved, as if she got thrown into the judging process unsure that she could actually do it. She delivered my favorite line of the night when a contestant insulted Demi Lovato, speaking up in her defense, saying, “I want to know who let you onstage. I’m uncomfortable with you even looking at me.” As for the show itself, it’s clear they got the memo. This season is noticeably stronger, with very sharp editing tactics and a palpable sense of humor. Good job, guys. And good job, Britney.

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