Arnold Schwarzenegger on 60 Minutes — Smiles Through Remorse? — WATCH

I never understood Maria Shriver’s relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and apparently, neither did Maria Shriver. In a lazy attempt to clean up his image, Schwarzenegger sat down with Lesley Stahl to answer some softball questions about his astounding affair and subsequent love-child. Judging by this tell-all interview, the only thing the guy feels sorry about is getting caught. It’s nearly sociopathic. Sure he can articulate remorse with complete sentences, but can the guy actually be remorseful? Here’s my advice: if you’re going to privately humiliate your wife, perhaps you should withhold from publicly humiliating her too by recounting very personal marriage details in your memoir. I realize he has an interest in image-cleanup, but hasn’t he caused his ex enough pain? And furthermore, why didn’t Lesley Stahl ask the one question everyone wants to know: Why would he sleep with someone that unattractive?

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