Brother SAL, Joe Purdy & Brian Wright at Zoey’s Cafe — Magical

Photo by Amanda Peacock

Though I’m always thankful to live in Los Angeles, there are moments when that gratitude is exponentially multiplied. And those moments usually occur when I have the pleasure of seeing a great local music show at a small venue when the quality is worthy of stadium seating. It’s the kind of thing one can only experience in this city, and I had the fortunate pleasure of seeing it first hand at Zoey’s Cafe where Brother SAL, Joe Purdy, and Brian Wright performed together. Joe Purdy has been on my radar for quite some time, and Brother SAL randomly got my attention at a local Los Angeles venue named Piano Bar, where the guy brought down the house. As for the third performer, Brian Wright, this was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him play, but his two buddies circumvented his humility and called him “one of the greatest songwriters [they] know.” In short, it was magical.

2 thoughts on “Brother SAL, Joe Purdy & Brian Wright at Zoey’s Cafe — Magical”

  1. All three have been on my radar for quite awhile, and if you put ’em all together “magical” is the end result.

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