Homeland Recap — Brody’s Daughter Deserves The Boot

20121119-110503.jpgHomeland is a brilliant show with some brilliant actors. Having said that, the daughter and wife have to go. The actors are terrible, and their story-lines are tired and annoying. Casting doesn’t always get it right, and I’m sure after they paid Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin, they simply ran out of money. That has to be the explanation for these awful performances, right? Watch a clip below of Dana’s character (played by Morgan Saylor), who insists for the 528th time that she “has to tell” the police about her hit-and-run, even though everyone on the planet (including the viewing audience) thinks it’s a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “Homeland Recap — Brody’s Daughter Deserves The Boot”

  1. The daughter/Dana story line slows the entire show down. We sometimes just fast forward through her scenes. I think at least once a show someone in the room says “just slap the little B#^@!”… I dont blame it entirely on the actress, the writers for her scenes need a good slap as well. And can someone please get her another pair of shoes! …If I want teenage angst I’d watch “My so called Life”.

  2. Hell yes! That girl is annoying as f***! She’s always in some bitchy depressed stoned mood and every second she’s on screen you just wish she’d slit her wrists and swallow a gallon of Drain-o already

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