Oprah on Lance Armstrong: “He Didn’t Come Clean In the Manner I Expected”

If you’re going to come clean, Oprah is likely your best bet. She’s forgiving and honest, and she refrains from judgment. That being said, Lance Armstrong is done. It’s one thing to lie. It’s another to lie consistently, adamantly, and un-apologetically. I’ve re-watched his denials, and I’m astounded at the lengths of his lies. I’ll forgive for just about anything except ruining my reality. I believed him. I defended him. And no matter the accusations, I went with his “witch hunt” defense. Lastly, if you lie to me once, you’ll lie to me twice. So who’s to say the guy is actually contrite? Is he remorseful for lying — or for getting caught?

Watch Oprah’s recount below, in which she states that she had 112 questions and “prepared for the interview as if it was a college exam.”

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