Khloe Kardashian Gets Axed from X Factor — Exit, Stage Left

It was only a matter of time. Despite Khloe’s status as America’s favorite (or most tolerated) Kardashian, the reality star got sacked from X Factor. To put it simply, she wasn’t qualified. She flubbed her canned lines, she lacked chemistry with Mario Lopez, and the quick-wit she’s known for was nowhere to be found. Live television is a tough game, and it takes a well-versed veteran to make it happen. Having said all that, I vote to can Mario Lopez too. He’s a wax figure, and robots are just as annoying as reality stars.

There’s an underlying lesson here for Simon Cowell. The public can smell desperation, and when you pick people solely on the basis of popularity rather than talent — they’ll know — and your format will suffer because of it.

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