Girls Episode 9 Recap — A New Dimension on Lena Dunham’s Disgusting Nudity

girls-hbo-1Lena Dunham confuses me. What’s her goal? What’s she trying to prove? Why the insatiable urge to show her body in all the most unflattering possible angles? Why gross-out the audience with intolerable habits, such as revealing her bloody Q-tip, or scurrying across the floor with gratuitous crotch shots? Is she testing me? Is she hazing her audience to prove their loyalty?

If the last guess is accurate, allow me to confess I’m at the end of my rope. I’ll hang on a bit longer, but aesthetic is everything, and the longer you torture me with disgusting tactics, the sooner you’ll loose one of your most loyal viewers. And furthermore, if Lena Dunham gets wind of this, allow me to suggest that she’s actually making it worse for over-weight chicks on television. The goal is to suggest that skinny and attractive are not mutually exclusive, so when you attempt to manipulate your already over-weight body into painful-to-see poses, you provide a setback to the original intention.

In short, I’ve had it. Changes must be made, or I’m out.

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