Amy Schumer Debuts ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ — Male-Based Comedy?

If you’re going to get your own Comedy Central show, you better be funny. And though Amy Schumer gets extra points for her entry into the Howard Stern universe, her humor is outside my mandatory funny sphere. At some point, female comics began to talk like men, and then outwardly rejected that well-deserved criticism (see Norm Macdonald v. Whitney Cummings) as if it was a sexist observation. To be fair, sex-based comedy is an unoriginal choice for men too, and a joke about “cumming on a girl’s face” would exceed my tolerance level no matter what the gender (see the clip below). That being said, if these women would like to learn a thing or two about original female comedy, see Amy Poehler and Tina Fey — for starters.

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