Mike Doughty Re-imagines Soul Coughing Songs — New Album

When I interviewed Mike Doughty, I was careful about the Soul Coughing questions. He’s been clear that his experience with his former band was less than stellar, and he’s since maintained a successful solo career. Having said that, Soul Coughing has a special place in my heart beside my teenage-angst years, and I’ve always held out hope for Mike to play those songs again. So you can imagine my elation upon discovering his Pledge Music page, where he’s raising money to rework those songs. The project makes sense, considering at the time of our talk, Mike explained that the desire to appease his band-mates ultimately sacrificed his original vision. With this new project, his vision will now be restored.

Though he’s already reached his Pledge Music goal, you’ll still get lots of goodies if you contribute, including ten video performances that are exclusively available to pledgers.

Get excited. This is gonna be good.

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