James McAvoy’s Trailer for ‘Filth’ — WATCH NOW

The ability to select standout projects is nearly as difficult as the ability to act in them. That lesson has been learned the hard way for many actors, one of which is James McAvoy, whose exceptional acting skills are far surpassed by his terrible taste. It’s an unfortunate truth, and were it not for this weakness, I imagine he’d be contending with Ryan Gosling in today’s market. Watch the trailer for his upcoming film, Filth.

UPDATE: I’ve received some startling criticism from a very surly gentleman who has pointed me to many of MacAvoy’s more impressive projects including, Atonement, Last King of Scotland, and X Men: First-Class. I’ll take the hit while wearing gloves. I still think this guy is a far better actor than the projects he chooses (see Wanted, for starters).

3 thoughts on “James McAvoy’s Trailer for ‘Filth’ — WATCH NOW”

  1. This must be the stupidest thing I’ve read about James McAvoy. Ever. If you call films like Atonement, The Last King of Scotland, The Last Station, X-Men First Class, etc, horrible projects, I wonder about your taste in films and your capacity to judge and condemn an actor and his “terrible taste”.
    Plus your precious Gosling was called “catatonic” by reviewers and his last film was booed in Cannes. This has never happened to James.

    The film is called Filth, not The Filth. It seems you can’t even do your job well and put yourself in a position of criticizing a wonderful, hard working actor. Get a grip.

  2. I agree with this. While few of his films are outright terrible, they’re never particularly outstanding, either. Hopefully “Filth” break this pattern.

    1. If you agree about what was said, it means you don’t care about him as an actor, or about his films, so why would care about Filth?

      Many of James’ projects have been nominated to top awards, so if they’re not outstanding I wonder which films you would put in this category.

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