Adrienne Bailon Insults Britney Spears — Who is Adrienne Bailon?!

Back off Britney, Bitch! Adrienne Bailon boarded another fame train to propel her own, moving from Robert Kardashian to Britney Spears, claiming she worked at X Factor and Britney “can’t hold a conversation.” The panel then heartlessly claimed her mental meltdown can be attributed to “karma,” since Kevin Federline was in a relationship when they began dating. In related news, I find it astounding that a panel of talentless unknowns would take pleasure in shining a spotlight on someone’s mental illness, and then claim she deserved it. The only incoming karma is for their inexcusable attack on someone during the worst time of their life. Here’s hoping these bloated divas have no skeletons. Because if they do, they’ll be hearing from me again.

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