Desiree Chose Chris — The Bachelorette is Engaged

I fielded the peanut gallery for reactions to The Bachelorette’s strange ending, and women everywhere seemed to reach a general consensus. Desiree Hartsock was desperate to be married. The cynic in me would like to agree, but I’ll withhold judgment.

In case you missed it, Desiree got dumped by the man she said she loved and would pick at the end, and then did a complete turnaround (WITHIN DAYS) and got engaged to a different man in the finale after her first choice departed. Had I been her personal adviser, I would have told her to wait a few months for the ring instead of accepting a proposal immediately. This would avoid the look of desperation.

All I can say is that a ridiculous show will yield a ridiculous ending. Enjoy the clip below. Good luck you two crazy kids.

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