Britney Spears Radio Interview Goes Wrong — Blame Ryan and Roula

Here at The Dishmaster, I’ve done a lot of interviews with high-profile talent. Some of my subjects were better than others. But you’ll never know who, and each and every one of my interviews will either be written in a favorable light or it won’t be published. Why? Because I don’t invite people into my living room to shit on them. If you’re ship is sinking, I’ll help plug a hole in it, even if you’re the one who shot through the bottom. Britney Spears was not afforded that same courtesy in an interview with The Roula & Ryan Show in Houston. Her team restricted the questions, and apparently, Britney shut down during the interview when Ryan & Roula wanted to “change things up,” instead of “asking straight questions.” None too pleased with the result, the interview was pulled, and Ryan and Roula subsequently bad-mouthed the singer, taking zero responsibility for their part in it. They pointed out that she has “fifteen years in the business,” “is worth $100 million,” and should be able to handle herself.

I have some words of wisdom for Ryan & Roula, if they’re listening. First, if the interview went awry, you’re at fault. You have the responsibility to format your questions in a way that makes her comfortable, and if you can’t do that, you’re to blame. Britney Spears has notorious interview anxiety, and even though she’s a big star, she’s entitled to be uncomfortable with the press that goes along with her career. Media savvy and talent don’t always coincide. And lastly, call Howard Stern. Maybe he can give you advice about how to do your job properly.

Listen below for their heinous recap of their interview with Britney Spears.

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