Sherri Shepherd v. Instagram (And an Ice-Cream Breakfast)

If you missed The View yesterday, then you didn’t see the epic rant from Sherri Shepherd, where she scolded the show’s Supervising Producer for letting her son follow Sherri on Instagram. Shepherd insisted he was too young for the social media outlet, implying that the Supervising Producer in question made a bad parenting decision. On today’s show, the Supervising Producer spoke up, insisting that her son knows Shepherd personally, and only follows her because she’s his good friend’s mother. And just as the time began to dwindle, and it became very clear she was losing the battle, she admirably brought out the big-guns, saying, “It’s all about priorities. My son slept at [Shepherd’s] house and she fed him ice cream for breakfast.”

And there you have it. When attacked, come prepared. Watch the hilarious clip below.

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