Sway Takes Kanye West to Task in a Well Done Interview — WATCH NOW

For those who have missed the many meltdowns of Kanye West, here’s the story in a nutshell. Kanye West started dating Kim Kardashian, and his pus*y-haze has presumably created a monster who is determined to sink his own career. Despite the warnings about brand-damage, Kanye refuses to fold, insisting he’s a genius and that any attempt to derail his rants are coming from his enemies, and he won’t stop.

Though I’ve consistently picked on Kanye West, my jabs worked under an assumption of sanity, hoping to deflate his hubris with rational analysis. Those days are gone. I’ve shifted my focus to genuine concern, because by the time this guy realizes the extent of damage the he’s doing, it will be too late. Furthermore, one can only assume that for a man that used to value his privacy, this about-face is a concerning character shift.

I’ve also attacked the many interviewers that are willing to cater to his rants in favor of landing a big interview, no matter what the cost. Most of those interviewers have treated him with kid gloves, hoping not to poke the bear. Until now.

Sway took Kanye to task in the most respectful way, challenging many of his premises, such as the failure of his clothing and his infamous blame game. Kanye predictably blew up, but Sway was unfazed, pushing Kanye to calm down, and refusing to relent. He was not intimidated, and it showed. As for Kanye, he did calm down, and it ended well.

My original point; however, remains the same. Kanye has to stop. He’s talented, and the damage he’s doing might be irreparable. People will forgive you for your poor behavior . . . until they won’t. Watch his interview with Sway below.

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