Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Daniel Craig — Affairs, Betrayal, & Payoffs

In a shocking sequence of events, Jude Law admitted in court that his family members sold stories to the press about his personal relationship with Sienna Miller. During the Old Bailey phone hacking trial, Law admitted to confronting Daniel Craig about his affair with Miller, insisting that Craig should confess to his then-girlfriend about his indiscretions. Though Law suspected a leak due to the wealth of inside details, he had no idea that his close relatives accepted money in exchange for the information.

While it’s shocking enough that Law’s close relatives sold stories to the press, it’s equally shocking that Jude Law’s affair with the nanny almost tanked his career, only to find out that Sienna Miller likely cheated first. Here’s the timeline: Law found out about the Miller/Craig affair shortly after her sister’s wedding in 2005 (the same time Law slept with his nanny). Because Layer Cake filmed prior to 2004, the math indicates Miller was the first offender. And even if that’s not the case, Miller slept with a man who was in a relationship at the time, thus making her extremely unlikable. At any point in time, Jude Law could have revealed this information to save his public persona, yet he chose to remain silent. The truth is stranger than fiction.

UPDATE: My research is still ongoing. It’s possible Jude was the first offender. Story developing.

UPDATE #2: Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig might have had a liaison on the 2003 set of Layer Cake, but they were both single at the time. Months later, Craig began dating Satsuki Mitchell, and Miller began dating Law. Law had an affair with his nanny in March 2005, and he and Miller reconciled shortly thereafter. Miller than cheated with Daniel Craig who was still in a relationship with Mitchell. Law discovered the affair around September 2005, called Craig to berate him, and broke up with Miller at the beginning of October. CONCLUSION: Law was the first offender, but Miller is no better. She cheated with a taken man. Craig and Mitchell remained together until 2010, and he’s now married to Rachel Weisz.

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