Lady Gaga Gets Vomited On — Glamorizes Bulimia?

The irony of Demi Lovato being told to “lighten up” by the chick who “artistically” vomited on Lady Gaga during South By Southwest, is that she’s hardly in a position to educate anyone on normalcy. According to Millie Brown, her and Lady Gaga were simply trying to challenge one’s concept of beauty by vomiting on each other, and were not “glamorizing bulimia,” as Demi suggested. I have a few things to say. First, if Lady Gaga moved people with her music she’d make the news for something positive, instead of desperate shock & awe tactics. Second, if I were “art,” I’d be offended. Despite the now popular belief that all art is subjective, I’d like to hop off the crazy train and definitively suggest the opposite. Art is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, and I find it extremely haughty for Lady Gaga to think for even a moment that she deserves any type of treatment in that category. Third, Demi Lovato is correct. Shoving your fingers down your throat for any arbitrary purpose is irresponsible, and I need not elaborate. Why? Because it’s obvious and I’d rather not waste my time on peons looking for attention. Lastly, I find the idea of combining genres to be captivating (i.e. ART AND MUSIC). It’s too bad Lady Gaga has no idea how to execute it. I’d post a video of the event in question or a simple picture of Lady Gaga, but I wish to no longer promote her in any capacity. This article will be the end of it.

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