Scandal Finale — A Full Review

The Scandal series finale involved a complicated series of twists and turns highlighted by disturbing details. With each answer came more questions, leaving open wounds for the next season, which can’t come soon enough.

The episode’s core surrounded the President’s reelection, which was certain to fail after an explosion provided the perfect opportunity for his opponent to look presidential, helping injured citizens while the President himself sat safely in the White House. And while his cohorts lamented his future loss, they simultaneously searched for Olivia’s mother Maya, a suspected terrorist out to kill Fitzgerald Grant.

The hunt for Maya was underscored by Olivia’s father, who helped the search, convincing everyone that he buried his rage and decided to help because his anger toward Maya superseded his hatred for the President. And even Olivia, the notoriously skeptical leader, trusted her father. While the evil writing was on the wall, the revelations were still shocking. After all, isn’t Jake also evil? Who can we trust when everyone’s a murderer and the lines of good and evil no longer exist. As it turns out, we can’t trust anyone. Olivia’s father killed the President’s son, convinced the President it was Maya’s doing, and then brought her to justice to avenge his death and protect the President from assassination. Olivia felt responsible because . . . well . . . she’s a drama queen, and asked her father to sail her off into the sunset to start a new life. Did I mention she took Jake with her?

Amidst all the aforementioned drama was a small, beautifully choreographed scene between Tony Goldwyn and the incredibly talented Bellamy Young, after Olivia revealed that Fitz’s wife was raped by his father, thus explaining her emotional absence that lead to his affair. Their chemistry is immeasurable, despite Shonda Rhimes insistent push for an Olivia/Fitz romance. Here’s hoping for a marital reunion. Watch the clip below.

See you next season, Scandal!

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