The Groundlings’ ‘Cookin With Gas’ — Heats Up the House

COOKING_WITH_GAS_GROUNDLINGSAs an avid Groundlings attendee, I fee fully equipped to exclaim that tonight’s show was far and away my favorite so far. With Jim Rash as the director, I was certain it would be a success. Rash was joined by Glee writers Ian Brennan and Michael Hitchcock, along with Jeremy Rowley, David Hoffman, and Ariane Price. Rash’s audience engagement made his directing duties even more enjoyable, often commenting on the odd audience suggestions, along with hilarious fits of laughter during each sketch that livened the room. The Glee guest stars also upped the ante, with Ian Brennan bringing a breath of fresh air to the crew and Michael Hitchcock doing a painfully funny “one man show.” If you have yet to visit Hollywood’s most in-demand improv comedy team, you are missing out.

For tickets to the next show, visit The Groundlings.

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