‘True Tori’ Debuts on Lifetime — A FULL REVIEW

It’s a challenge to feel compassion for Tori Spelling. Her husband’s affair only punctuates the painful truth that their own romantic relationship began with the exact same story. Tori and Dean were both married to others when they met, and that didn’t stop them. Any anger toward Dean and his mistress can therefore only emphasize the anger she must feel toward herself, given that she’s guilty of the same infraction. While I understand we are all flawed individuals who might fall in love with another person, one’s exit can be handled with dignity, a feat these two did not accomplish the first time around.

As for the show itself, ‘True Tori,’ is an awkward examination of a marriage on the brink of divorce, with clunky confessionals from Spelling herself who seems as if she’s catching her breath instead of telling the story. Is this true “reality,” or a somewhat scripted show with underlying truths? There’s simply no way to say. But there is one unequivocal certainty, and it’s that her four children are filmed. There are no words to adequately express my violent rage about a mother putting her children on television for the purpose of financial gain. These kids are working for their food, and given that they’re already experiencing huge trauma associated with their dad’s departure, it’s astounding that a mother would trot them out on television.

The therapy sessions which reveal the intimate details of her marriage are also enraging. Dean McDermott confesses his issues with alcohol, which is a sacrosanct personal struggle that deserves privacy to persevere. It’s easy to attack the cheater, but as previously mentioned, Tori is a cheater too. At first glance, it’s clear Dean is extremely unhealthy. I won’t kick the man while he’s down, but internal struggles have physical results, and he’s no exception. He deserves privacy.

The only true empathy, compassion, and sadness I feel as a result of this show is for Tori Spelling’s children. They might be the only adults in the room.

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