VEEP SEASON THREE — Drastic Creative Decline

After scouring the internet for clues about the drastic creative decline of Veep’s third season, I’ve come up empty. Did they replace their writing staff? Has the showrunner exited? What could possibly explain the monumental change from previous seasons?

The first two seasons of HBO’s Veep were so entertaining because Selena Meyer managed to hide her unlikable persona from the public while simultaneously zinging her staff. Her power was also hilariously juxtaposed against the President, who managed to trump her status without ever showing his face. Plus, Jonah represented the President’s office, which made each of his appearances extra memorable.

For season three, Selina is attempting a Presidential run, which means that the Veep lost her very funny power foil from the President. And since Jonah was sadly fired, his status on the show is more of a general nuisance rather than a funny one. As for Selina’s hidden unlikabilty, her bad behavior is now both public AND private, making her much less fun to watch. When you remove the barriers for your lead, you lose the necessary give and take that makes the show a success.

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