Angelina Jolie Interview With Movieline — Maleficent

The very beautiful Angelina Jolie sat down with Movieline to promote Maleficent. Read some choice quotes from her interview below, and visit Movieline for the full interview.

One of those “scary” moments was maybe the most adorable in the movie, which was when your daughter, Vivienne, showed up as Aurora. There were audible “aws” in the theater when you picked her up and she started pulling at your horns. Was it a challenge to stay in character in that moment?

It was. It was. But also because I had to say things to her, like “go away” and “I don’t like children.” But that’s how we knew Viv would be perfect, because she is like my little shadow and there’s nothing I can say that she doesn’t just interpret as “Mommy doesn’t mean that. She wants me to stay.” But it was hard to stay in character. We did — in our outtakes — we get very snuggly, just to apologize.

Your kids have been popping up here and there in your movies. Zahara was in “Maleficent” as well.

[She] and Pax are in the christening scene for a moment. It’s like a cameo.

And then Maddox was in “World War Z”…

He was going to be in “World War Z,” but they didn’t tell us when they were filming that the ratings wouldn’t allow a child zombie.

Really? So are there any future acting gigs for the Jolie-Pitt kids, then?

Our idea is not to have them in film but to share our lives with them and play with them, so it’s not to look for them to be actors. But if there is some kind of experience where they can jump on set and feel what it’s like to be on set and not feel separated from our work, then it’s fun. But we would really like to keep them separate from it… as a career. We’re hoping that we don’t have actors, but maybe we do.

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