‘NEIGHBORS’ — A Full Review

Nearly every film that features misbehaving men also features nagging women. Neighbors breaks the mold with a much different approach. The film stars Seth Rogan (as Mac Radner) and Rose Byrne (as Kelly Radner), who play new parents in a suburban neighborhood whose world gets disrupted when a fraternity house moves next door. While the couple initially attempts to act cool by partying with their new neighbors, things sour quickly when the noise level becomes unmanageable.

The film’s funniest moments involve war-moves from both parties in an attempt to oust each other from the area. One such move involves a hilariously choreographed fight scene which ends with a dildo sword fight (no, I’m not kidding). It’s worth mentioning again that the husband and wife are a team in this movie, and each fight gives equally funny moments to the chick, which is a welcome change from previous films (see Knocked Up). In fact, in the opening sex scene it’s actually the man who has an issue with his baby watching their fornication, while the woman wants to continue the act. Her mothering skills might be questionable, but so are his fathering skills, and those combined antics make the film funny. Go see this. It’s worth it.


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