FACEBOOK Lifts Nipple Ban — Breastfeeding Boobies Allowed!??

In an effort to temper the tirade of fierce feminists with nothing better to fight for than the underrepresented nipple, facebook has lifted its ban on breastfeeding photos. Apparently, it’s some kind of double standard for men to freely expose their nipples, while women cannot, especially when those women are engaged in the very beautiful act of breastfeeding (SARCASM INTENDED).

There are a few points to make here, all of which deserve close attention. First, breastfeeding is not beautiful. Call me a heartless cactus, but there are many “natural” acts that involve a mother and her newborn that are also not beautiful, such as changing a diaper. If I don’t want to see a random mother and child in the artful exchange of excrement, I also don’t want to see bare boobies on my screen. Second, until a child is of age, I draw enormous outrage with publicly exposing such private moments for the world to see (and yes, 500 friends is in fact, “THE WORLD”). And lastly, feminists everywhere should find a better cause. I hear global warming is all the rage these days.

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