Nick Viall Reveals He Had Sex With Andi Dorfman — SAY WHAT?!

There’s an argument to be made that sex is necessary for deciphering ones feelings rather than an experience that represents them. I’ve heard the former more than once, and it’s weak. Must things move to that level to fully understand one’s feelings? Past the age of 17, I’d like to think we’re more evolved. So when Nick Viall went on national television to reveal his sexual rendezvous with Andi Dorfman just before getting dumped by The Bachelorette, I clapped for his candor. It’s not classless, it’s important. Having sex with another person just days before your engagement is non-real-world ridiculousness, and Nick Viall deserves a relationship based in reality. Plus, Andi repeatedly refused a private conversation, so his push for clarity trumps privacy. As for what we’ve learned, it’s refreshing to know both men and women are equal opportunity offenders in the lead-on department. I’ll think about that the next time someone whispers sweet nothings in my ear in an attempt to get laid. We’re all in this together. WATCH BELOW

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