For a pocket of time each year, MTV enters a time machine to celebrate the music that once drove its channel. Last night’s VMA’s brought out the industry’s best players, who executed some unforgettable (and forgettable) performances. Enjoy the most notable videos below, along with my thoughts on each.

Sam Smith was an evening standout, with his vulnerable, monster-hit, “Stay With Me.” The refreshing performance reminds us all that not everyone needs a sparkly leotard to get noticed.

Nikki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J joined together for their performance, with Nikki stealing the show. As for Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction, I have an extremely low tolerance for her unprofessional antics. Had the dress simply snapped open, I’d be more forgiving, but she clearly knew during dress rehearsal that she’d have an issue with time, and she chose to take the risk. As a result, she trumped her female counter-parts in the press, who have solely chosen to cover the mistake. And though this may be mean to mention, a music industry insider has pointed something out to me about Jessie J, and it’s worth repeating. It’s just not going to happen, despite the enormous push from her label. To quote my friend, “She’s pop’s Grouplove,” and it’s time to abort mission.

Beyonce brought down the house with a standout medley of hits, proving once again through professionalism and vocal prowess that she deserves her reigning title as Queen Bey.

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I’ve recently discovered 5 Seconds of Summer, and though I’d love to hate on the boy band, much like One Direction, I simply can’t. They are good, their songs are catchy, and they’re adorable. Watch their sweet song below. It will pull at your heartstrings.

For a guy who bad-mouthed the VMAs last year, it’s interesting to see him perform, but given that Adam Levine has sold his soul to secure his billboard status, I’m not surprised. It’s also worth mentioning that this is a professional show, and the guy is wearing a jersey. Remember when Maroon 5 wore suits? Yeah . . . so do I.

This was not the best night for Usher, who looked noticeably winded. I usually love the guy, so that’s all I will say.

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