Gwen Stefani Talks Gavin Rossdale, The Voice, and more!

The Voice

Wonderwall sat down with Gwen Stefani for an exclusive interview about her new role on ‘The Voice,’ working with her husband, and stepping on the stage so soon after her son was born. Read some quotes below, and visit Wonderwall for more.

On collaborating with her husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, who serves as a mentor on the upcoming season of “The Voice”:

“I went back and forth about having Gavin on [the show] because we have only collaborated on babies before. … They turned out really cute. … He breeds well.”

On being torn about working with her husband on “The Voice”:

“I was really overwhelmed that Gavin was actually going to be on [the show] with me, and we got in a little fight about it the night before because I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can handle this. It’s just too much.’ Then I slept on it, and in the morning, I said, ‘Let’s do this. It’s going to spice things up. This is new. Let’s do something collaborative. Why not?’ And it was awesome.”

On why she was so nervous about working with her husband on “The Voice”:

“The first couple [of contestants] who came through, I was so nervous. I wasn’t nervous because of being on the show. I was nervous because I was sitting next to him. He’s smart. He’s so musical. You play different roles for different people in your life — and I’m his wife, so it was weird. But it was awesome and really, really fun to do that with him.”

On deciding to get back to work so quickly after welcoming her third son:

“I wasn’t motivated. I literally had just had my new little baby boy, and I was sitting at home and the phone rang. … It was so quick and spontaneous, and I think that’s been the best part about it.”

On her first public appearance after welcoming her third child:

“[Pharrell] asked me to do Coachella, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I literally just popped out this baby,’ but I wanted to do is it so bad. … I got a tour bus because I wanted to show off for my kids. So I got a tour bus and I got the boys on the bus and we drove to Palm Springs. The first time I left the house after having a baby was walking out on stage [at Coachella] to do ‘Hollaback Girl.’”

On her concerns about being the only female coach on “The Voice”:

“I was nervous because it’s one thing to be in the boys’ club with guys you have known since you were 16 years old. But to walk onto this platform with these guys who have been doing it already and not knowing them, I was freaked out a little bit.”

On not having girlfriends:

“I’m used to being the only girl. I paid for Harajuku girls to hang out with me at one point in my life because no girls would hang out with me. I was always surrounded by boys — and I don’t know how that happened because I’m such a girl. I love getting dressed up. I love hair and makeup. I played Barbies.”

On loving Barbies and why she can’t have them now:

“If I had all girls [instead of sons], I would still be playing Barbies. But I don’t get to because if I got Barbies at my house, [my sons] would just take all the clothes off and go like, ‘Oh, they’re naked!’ And then I would have to get rid of them because it’s inappropriate.”

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