Maroon 5 Releases ‘Maps’ — Album Review

You’d think with all those hands in the cookie jar, Maroon 5 would manage to produce a catchier record. Despite having criticized the band for relinquishing most of their songwriting duties to bigger names, this process previously paid off with the success of their last record. Unfortunately, those hit-making machines have malfunctioned for their follow-up, ‘V,’ which has moved the band from “overexposed” to overproduced. To quote the legendary Coco Chanel, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” The same can be said about music. There’s just too much garbage invading the melody to actually enjoy it. Tracks that could have been moving, like “Unkiss Me” for example, are clouded with crap that strangle the tune.The 80’s-esque, synth-driven “Sugar” also falls victim to the same complaint, though it’s a tad catchier than most other tracks. And while “Animals” is likely the second single, it’ s not nearly as strong as “Maps,” the only song worthy of extensive radio play. “Leaving California” and “In Your Pocket” are personal favorites, though their placement on the album order suggests I’m alone in that thought. Overall, this is good, but not great. Listen to “Maps,” the catchiest tune, below.

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