Macy Gray Releases ‘The Way’ — FULL REVIEW

I could sit and analyze the intentions behind Macy Gray’s new record, ‘The Way,’ by addressing her target audience and dissecting its genre and then monologue about the music industry’s changing tide — or I could simply tell you it’s good. I’ll choose the latter.

I’ve interviewed Macy Gray, and she’s a delightful, unapologetic performer with an unwavering vision. She’ll change for no one, and that’s a good thing. The first three songs on her record are by far the catchiest, starting with “Stoned,” a dynamic tune that’s true to Gray’s signature sound, with her voice taking center stage. And though she might “Miss the Sex” on song number four, she also wants to find “The Way” on her title track, where her vulnerable lyrics are met with a choir, a trumpet, and a ukulele.

This record makes me want to put on a slouchy, off-the-shoulder sexy knit as I dance around my apartment while occasionally looking in the mirror to ensure I’ve got just the right amount of seductive sass. Enjoy some tunes below.

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