Quote of the Day: Lena Dunham on Nudity

IMG_0339.JPG“[A] frequently asked question is how I am ‘brave’ enough to reveal my body on-screen. The subtext here is definitely how am I brave enough to reveal my imperfect body, since I doubt Blake Lively would be subject to the same line of inquiry. I am forced to engage in regular conversation about my body with strangers, such as the drunken frat boy on MacDougal Street who shouted, ‘Your tits look like my sister’s!’ My answer is: It’s not brave to do something that doesn’t scare you. I’d be brave to skydive. To visit a leper colony. To argue a case in the United States Supreme Court or go to a CrossFit gym. Performing in sex scenes that I direct, exposing a flash of my weird puffy nipple, those things don’t fall into my zone of terror.” Lena Dunham, on whether her on-screen nudity is brave.

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