The Democrats Lost: Nicolle Wallace Gives a Rundown

If you have a limited amount of time and a lot of interest in politics, then you need only look to Nicolle Wallace and her ninja election rundown on The View. Though we all know that Republicans took control, Wallace answered many pressing questions about what’s next. I’ve bulleted her key points below for ease of read, but watch the video at your leisure to see Wallace in action. The View sure landed a big fish, and it’s nice to see a level-headed Republican on the panel.

  • The Senate will be younger and more female
  • All Presidents face a backlash in their sixth year
  • Had the Democrats aligned instead of maligned Obama, then perhaps Obama’s supporters would have voted, thereby increasing the Democrats’ chances.
  • The Republicans rejected Tea Party antics in favor of less crazy leaders to represent its party.
  • Pot is legal in two more states, like it or not.
  • A Democratic President is more likely to get stuff done with a Republican controlled congress, because it’s easier “when it’s just the White House negotiating with one other side.”

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