The Worst Performances of the AMAs — WATCH NOW

Though I usually refrain from negative commentary, I’ll make an exception for some very awful AMA performances, starting with Iggy, whose choreography idea was so incredibly dated, it’s almost embarrassing. How many paparazzi-based intrusion openers can we see on stage? I’d encourage her team to get a little more creative. As for the jungle gym, no comment. Next, there is Charli XCX, who took prom a little too literally. Retro is fine, but without a twist, it’s just tired. This is also all too close to Katy Perry. It’s time for Charli XCX to re-brand. Third, there’s Selena Gomez, who is slightly tough to support considering her ballad is about Justin Bieber, which makes empathy impossible. The performance gets a pass, but unless Gomez plans to step up her game with a discernible identity, I’m not sure what place she holds in the pop world. Last and certainly least was Christina Milian and Lil Wayne, who struggled from start to finish. The live mix had severe issues, with Milian mixed cartoonishly low, which unfortunately highlighted Lil Wayne’s many struggles.

Enjoy each performance below, and my apologies in advance to any artist reading this that I offended. The goal here was constructive criticism, and hopefully that was accomplished.

Lil Wayne & Christina Milian – Start A Fire… by uploaderdisney

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