Jon Stewart v. Mike Huckabee: Hypocrisy, Gravy, and Beyonce

Somewhere in the world of Mike Huckabee, there’s a cartoonish culture clash between Bubbas and Bubbles, with the latter living far from reality. According to Huckabee, “Bubbleville” has pesky Harvard graduates that can’t change your tire, adore Beyonce, and allow for broadcasts that perpetuate the “culture of crude.” Stewart squashed his bloated preach parade by showing a clip of Huckabee playing bass with Ted Nugent on television, with lyrics about “making her pussy purr.” Stewart then rightfully pointed out that he endorses Nugent simply because of his stance on firearms. As an irrelevant aside, Huckabee has gained a considerable amount of weight, and perhaps he should focus on combating obesity instead of Beyonce, given that it’s a far greater problem in this country.

Watch the greatness below.

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