Kathy Griffin on Fashion Police — Full Review

Fashion Police has returned with Kathy Griffin as its host, and it’s a stark reminder of Joan Rivers’ genius. I realize the Kathy/Joan comparison is lose-lose given Rivers’ legendary place in history, but there’s some tangible issues that can’t be ignored. First, although Griffin has Joan’s same fearless candor, she doesn’t have her fashion sense or her ability to spew out funny jokes on the fly. Joan had endless analogies with powerful punch lines, along with a credible fashion resume that included red-carpet, what-are-you-wearing interviews. Had I produced this show, I’d have drastically changed the format to avoid the comparisons and molded it more toward Griffin’s style. Sitting on the dais doesn’t work for anyone but Joan. Furthermore, I was willing to ignore the co-hosts also having zero fashion knowledge because of Joan, but if you’re going to use Kathy, then some serious cred is needed to compensate.

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