Cindy Crawford’s Unretouched Photo Hits the Internet: World Reacts

An unretouched photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford from a 2013 Marie Claire shoot is circling the internet, and while many are applauding the imperfect image, I’m outraged. First, Crawford didn’t sign off on its release. Second, the emphatic ploy for celebrities to produce “real” images is ridiculous, especially because everyday civilians don’t subscribe to the same philosophy. Would you post an unflattering photo on facebook that exposes your flaws? Or do you take as many as pictures possible until achieving the perfect, skinniest angle? Last, if I were to pose for a worldwide magazine, I’d expect the best photo to be featured. To allow the leak of a less than flattering photo is to breach trust, and as a supermodel, I expect Cindy Crawford isn’t pleased.

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