Hillary Clinton Answers “Emailgate” — Defensive & Ridiculous

Hillary Clinton is still her own worst enemy, and until she grasps how to eloquently assert her opinion while under fire, she can’t be President. She’s taken on her email controversy with a long-winded, defensive explanation of her antics, and it’s just as stale and holier-than-thou as expected. It’s as if she’s too exhausted to be bothered by this debacle, and while that is understandable, it’s not the behavior of someone ready to run for office. Her team has since released a tiresome, long memo that the public will predictably ignore given that it’s long and voters don’t like to read.

The Clintons have always exuded elitism, which is welcome when it’s President Bill Clinton who compensates with his iconic oratory skills, but Hilary fails in that field. Watch her press conference below,and decide for yourself how she’ll fare when the heat turns up. This should have been squashed in two seconds, but she bungled it brilliantly.


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