Giuliana Rancic Denies Eating Disorder: WATCH NOW 

Giuliana Rancic does a good job of downplaying drama, but no level of word play will convince me that she doesn’t have an eating disorder. While I have no knowledge of whether her cancer medication actually causes weight loss, I do have the ability to recall empirical data, and that data suggests she was this thin prior to her illness. In fact, I distinctly remember her appearance on ‘The View’ discussing her fertility issues (prior to her cancer diagnosis), and Whoopi Goldberg specifically asked if she gained the weight her doctor suggested to help with fertility. Of the ten pounds she was told to gain, Rancic quietly admitted to having only gained “four pounds,” which was clearly a lie. When Whoopi reacted, Rancic said she “needed to fit into the show’s sample sizes,” at which point her husband rolled his eyes. I wish her the best, as she’s probably a good person, and I also don’t think a personal struggle is the public’s business. That being said, I seriously question her statements.

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