Cara Delevingne’s Awkward Interview — Anchors at Fault

When Cara Delevingne’s “awkward” interview with Good Day Sacramento was first brought to my attention, I made an uneducated assumption that she was likely in a surly mood, resulting in the anchors’ reaction. Then I watched the interview, and It became immediately clear that she wasn’t cantankerous at all, and instead of using their time for a productive conversation, they took advantage of the opportunity to rudely shit on the person they invited into their living room. First, there’s a delay, which results in a resting face that doesn’t match each question as it’s asked, which they should know. Second, when you make a bad joke, expect that you won’t get a laugh. Third, you three are a bunch of immature bullies, and if you can’t behave like an adult conducting an interview, then let someone else do your job. No part of that exchanged warranted that type of reaction, and Cara tried upon the first two attempts to brush off the insult, which was not respected.

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