Donald Trump v. Matt Laeur: Today Show Throwdown

 If Donald Trump is going to run for President, then he should be more responsible. And if this political run is more about personal promotion than being Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, then I’d encourage him to back out now, because he’s making a mockery of a process that is already cartoonish. According to Trump, the media has twisted his original words, using a clip of his statement that John McCain is “not a war hero,” and leaving out the end of his comment, in which he stated that he was a war hero. The comment in question is clear as day, despite Trumps desire to squash the subsequent tirade. We are responsible for our words, and he should know better.
I am unafraid to admit that I’ve been a longtime Donald Trump fan, having loyally watched The Apprentice since it’s inception and being a die-hard Howard Stern listener, where Trump has often been a very entertaining guest. What I’ve always admired about Trump his his ability to speak his mind with a side of humor, and his ownership of his own antics. But what I have always known about Trump he is unequivocally unable to accept criticism. When attacked, Trump will drop a hammer on an ant, breaking his arm in the process. There has been many examples of this, including Martha Stewart and Bill Maher, where Trump acted like a petulant child in need of a teet. When his ego is penetrated and his feelings are hurt, he will escalate his response to the point of his own demise. In the case of John McCain, that’s exactly what happened. McCain insulted Trump, and Trump’s disproportionate response has incited a firestorm. 
It’s safe to say I’ve revoked my Donald Trump support in the entertainment sphere (I never supported his political run). I will no longer watch his shows or support his business ventures. If he chooses to reform, perhaps I’ll reconsider. Until then, our relationship has ended. Watch his interview with Matt Laeur below.

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