Kelly Osbourne’s Racist Toilet Comment — Owes Giuliana Rancic an Apology

When you hold people to a standard that you yourself cannot meet, just know that The Dishmaster is watching you, and I’ll call you out on your hypocrisy. And today, Kelly Osbourne is in need of a serious call-out. When discussing Donald Trump’s contentious, racist comments about Mexican immigrants, Osbourne had an ill-timed, horrible reply, asking who would “clean his toilets” if he kicked out all Mexican immigrants. The panel quickly tried to come to the rescue, which she is still too stubborn to understand. There’s a reason she could not finish her point, and that reason is to her benefit. There’s a more important issue afoot, and it’s about Giuliana Rancic, whose entire career took a serious hit when she inappropriately stated that Zendaya Coleman’s hair looked as if it smelled like “Patchouli oil.” Of all her ‘Fashion Police’ panelists, Osbourne was the least forgiving, taking to twitter to rant her rage and later getting axed for her outspoken comments. According to Osbourne, she was friends with Zendaya, and Rancic didn’t take “enough responsibility” for her words. Call me crazy and forgive the horrific pun, but I’d say we’re splitting hairs, and Osbourne owes Rancic a big slice of empathy with a cherry I-say-racist-things-by-accident-too on top. Perhaps I’d be more forgiving of Osbourne had she been more forgiving of Rancic. I will not afford you the luxury of backing out of this muddy mess with a you-know-I’m-not-racist defense, when Rancic was not given that same luxury. If you can’t meet your own standards, perhaps it’s time you make new ones.

Apology image courtesy of Kelly Osbourne's instagram
Apology image courtesy of Kelly Osbourne’s instagram

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