Nicki Minaj Throws Shade at Miley Cyrus: WATCH NOW

 I had a great amount of respect for Miley Cyrus’ recent interview in which she took aim at Nicki Minaj for “impolite” behavior, but I revoke all support after Cyrus tried to worm her way out of the comments when confronted on stage. Minaj came at her, and Miley insisted her interview was manipulated. Her subsequent sigh indicates otherwise, but if you’re going to take aim, OWN IT. As for Minaj, I’m sick of her antics. She should be happy, because she’s successful, and Miley was right to point out that everything she says is said with anger. And no — I did not call her an “angry black woman,” and I am not telling a black woman how to talk about race. I am telling a human being that she’s irritating, always causing problems, and doesn’t seem happy.

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