I Am Cait Finale: Kris Confronts Caitlyn

If the goal of ‘I Am Cait,” was to teach me something, then they’ve succeeded. For starters, I’ve learned that both Bruce Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner are astounding, insensitive assholes. I’ve learned this over time, but most notably when Kris Jenner visited her ex-husband for a heart-to-heart and attempted to explain her hurt feelings. She said she objected to Jenner’s Vanity Fair article in which she claimed to have been mistreated, with Kris reminding Jenner that she took care of her for decades. Jenner was unkind in response, insisting that she’s playing the martyr, in addition to acting as if it’s completely shocking that anyone in the family would have difficulty with her transition. The woman was married to a MAN for decades, who later decided to divorce her and live an authentic life as a woman. Though that’s wonderful and brave and certainly worth celebrating, it also warrants a little sensitivity to the woman he left behind. But sensitivity is foreign to Caitlyn Jenner.

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