Tom Hardy Schools Reporter Who Asks About His Sexuality

When children ask unfiltered, inappropriate questions, we often chalk it up to “kids being kids,” given that no adult has ever taken the time to explain that certain things are none of our business and should never be asked. One of those things is the sexual preference of others, which is not only an inappropriate inquiry, it should also be irrelevant. And for those who argue that it’s important for public figures to “come out,” I have a few responses. First, the very act of placing enough importance on one’s sexual preference so as to make it a public inquiry is only perpetuating bigotry, not combating it. It shows people that it’s still important, which it shouldn’t be. Second, “outing” someone is dangerous and can lead to suicide, and we should know better. Third, Tom Hardy handled that question beautifully, asking why the reporter would even want to know in the first place. Sure he’s a hot man who all genders might want to pursue, but he’s also a human being with a craft, and that craft doesn’t involve his personal life. My last point is much like my intro to this piece. That reporter is a child, and he’s in need of an adult to educate him on appropriate behavior.

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