Kanye West, Amber Rose, and the Gift That Keeps on Giving

There are rules about spats with one’s exes no matter who said what or who did what to whom, and Kanye West and Amber Rose just broke them, taking their blind rage to a point of no return. When Wiz Khalifa insulted the title for Kanye’s new record by implying he bit off another artist, Kanye went ape and hurled a series of insults toward Wiz, which included hits at Wiz’s child with Amber Rose, saying that he’s angry he’s indebted to a stripper for 18 years that “trapped him.” Rose retorted with a crude comment about Kanye’s affinity for ass-play in the bedroom, and Kanye . . . didn’t respond. According to Amber, children are off limits (but apparently what happened in the bedroom . . . isn’t).

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