MTV’s The Challenge Documents Abram and Cara Maria’s Disturbing Romance

If you watch MTV, then you know about The Challenge, and if you know about The Challenge, then you’re well aware of the bizarre relationship between two of its main staples, Cara Maria Sorbello and Abram Boise. On the most recent episode, viewers were given a disturbing lens into what seems like an abusive relationship. Though Abram never gets physical with Cara Maria, his outbursts are shocking, and she’s clearly afraid of him. Cara Maria cheated on Abram during the course of this season’s show, and she later admitted that she hoped the cameras filming her indiscretion would cause Abram to dump her, since she can’t get out of the relationship on her own. He predictably did not dump her; however, and instead exhibited uncontrollable rage during a taping of the After Show. When the host asked the man with whom she cheated what “he saw in Cara Maria,” Cara Maria responded with, “Do you want him to die?” While the audience laughed, I did not. I found the entire thing reprehensible, and I feel sorry for all parties involved, including Abram, who needs help. Watch the clip below for a glimpse at this sad, troubling event.

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