Nancy Grace Should Be Removed From Television . . . NOW

After watching the video below, I’m officially petitioning for Nancy Grace to be thrown off television. As an attorney, it’s deplorable that she so easily dismisses judicial injustice and leaps to an assumption of guilt, when our country is founded on a presumption of innocence. Yes, Brendan Dassey was convicted, but that does not make him guilty. Furthermore, if he is in fact guilty, does that make evidence-planting and coerced confessions without the presence of a parent or attorney okay? Because if it does, then the life of every innocent person is officially in jeopardy, because no one is safe. Dassey’s own attorney positioned his client against his own interest by intentionally being absent during his interrogation, and though his attorney was removed from the case as a result, his confession remained intact. As for Grace and Wahlberg stupidly arguing over “who is the victim,” it’s completely irrelevant. Perhaps we should remove trials altogether and just incarcerate people on a hunch? Everyone deserves a fair trial, and if you watched ‘Making a Murderer’ and feel both parties got one, then please never be on a jury.

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