Steven Avery’s Attorney is Unsure of His Guilt

Netflix’s widely watched true crime series ‘Making a Murderer’ is supposed to raise serious questions about our judicial system, not Steven Avery’s guilt. Why? Because his guilt is the least relevant part of the series. If Avery can be convicted based on evidence obtained through a plethora of police infractions, including a coerced confession without an attorney present, then every innocent life is in jeopardy. We set guilty people free to protect the innocent, and there’s a reason for that. Allowing the state to build a case based on their own personal belief of a defendant’s guilt, means that even if they plant evidence, taint the jury, and force confessions, it’s completely cool as long as it’s all in the name of protecting the public, right? Well, tell that to your son, daughter, parent, or friend that’s wrongly convicted of a crime, because those same standards will apply. Avery’s attoreny made that very clear on CBS Morning, when he said “I’m not convinced of his guilt,” in refrerence to a question about Avery’s innocence, which clearly reiterates the standard of “Beyond a reasonable doubt.” Watch below.

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